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[Product introduction of polypropylene non-woven masterbatch]
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Product introduction of polypropylene non-woven masterbatch

Polypropylene nonwoven masterbatch has good quality stability, excellent dispersibility, and quality is guaranteed; it can be used directly with mixed resin, without polluting the container, and easy to change color. The product is made of high-quality organic pigments and inorganic pigments and additives. It is characterized by good filtration performance, bright colors, good weather resistance and no migration. It is especially suitable for polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabrics, polypropylene filaments and polypropylene fibers. Use of short wire and polypropylene BCF wire.

Proportion and method of using polypropylene non-woven masterbatch

Polypropylene non-woven masterbatch can be used in a certain proportion with the raw material resin (specifically according to the non-woven fabric specifications and user requirements), and can be directly used by simple mixing (no need to add any additives) to meet the requirements. Color effect.

Technical index of polypropylene non-woven masterbatch

The non-woven fabric masterbatch can make the pigment fully dispersed in the product, so that the pigment and the resin can obtain good compatibility. Solve the problems that products are directly dyed with pigments, tolerance of pigments and trees, uneven dyeing, pollution of equipment environment and other products.

The masterbatch is easy to use. Because the masterbatch and plastic particles have similar particle sizes, similar specific gravities, and good mixing properties, they can be mixed by general equipment or even manually stirred. They can be mixed in full or fixed coextrusion And other methods.

Significant advantages of non-woven masterbatch

1. Convenient to use, it can integrate colorants, anti-aging agents, antistatic agents, etc. into a multi-functional masterbatch.

2. Even coloring and stable production process can improve product quality.

3. Wide adaptability, can be adapted to the molding and production system with high manual and automatic degree.

4. Green and environmental protection, no cross pollution in the same environment.

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