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[What are the benefits of using masterbatch?]
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What are the benefits of using masterbatch?

Masterbatch coloring is a plastic and chemical fiber coloring method that is widely used today. The colorant dispersed in the carrier is simply mixed with the natural resin and used to manufacture plastic products. After mixing chemical fibers, it can be used to manufacture textiles. Different products need to choose different masterbatch. Choosing the right masterbatch can save a certain cost and make the product achieve good results.

Several advantages of using masterbatch

1. Help to maintain the chemical stability and color stability of the pigment;

2. Make the pigment have better dispersion in plastic;

3. Protect the health of the operator;

4. The process is simple and the color change is easy;

5. The environment is clean and does not stain the utensils;

6. Save time and raw materials. Because the pigment directly contacts the air during storage and use, moisture absorption, oxidation, and agglomeration will occur. Direct use will cause color spots on the surface of the plastic product. The hue is dark and the color is easy to fade. And, it will cause dust and poplar when mixing, which will affect the health of operators. In the production process, the color masterbatch is mechanically processed, the pigment is refined, the pigment is mixed with the resin carrier and the dispersant, and the pigment is separated from the air and moisture, thereby enhancing the weatherability of the pigment and improving In addition, the dispersibility and coloring power of the pigment are bright, and the hue is bright. Because the masterbatch and resin particles are similar in shape, they are more convenient and accurate in measurement, and will not stick to the container during mixing, thus saving time in cleaning the container and machine and the raw materials used in the machine.

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