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[Product quality index of polypropylene masterbatch]
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Product quality index of polypropylene masterbatch

Introduction to color masterbatch: a plastic colorant that is well dispersed with a high proportion of pigments or additives and thermoplastic resin. The selected resin has a good wetting and dispersing effect on the colorant, and has good properties with the colored material compatibility. Namely: pigment + carrier + additive = masterbatch

Six masterbatch quality requirements

Polypropylene is a pure hydrocarbon. The molecular chain contains tertiary carbon atoms. When heated, the molecules at the tertiary carbon atoms are easily cracked after being exposed to light, which will deteriorate the quality of polypropylene. Therefore, the masterbatch made is required to be spun at high temperature. It is easy to spread in the medium, does not damage the fiber character, does not make the fiber fade, has excellent light resistance, abrasion resistance, and solvent resistance, and can bear the harsh spinning and drafting.

 (1) The most fundamental requirement for the pigment used in the heat-resistant masterbatch to withstand the temperature in the production process of polypropylene fiber and maintain its stability. The same temperature resistance is usually required to be above 270~280℃.

(2) The pigments used in the evacuation masterbatch should be excellent in evacuation, and the evacuation in the masterbatch should be well-proportioned, and the used evacuation agent will not degrade the quality of the polypropylene fiber. Otherwise, it is impossible to produce good-quality dope-colored fibers, and the operation is not stable, and it is easy to break or produce abnormal fibers when the fibers are drawn.

(3) Brightness Polypropylene stock solution coloring has many uses. Among them, it is used for bed cover base fabrics and knitted fabrics, which require bright colors. Because organic pigments are brighter and more beautiful and easy to color, organic pigments are needed for the above-mentioned purposes.

(4) Light resistance. Under the action of light, some pigments have photosensitivity, which makes colored fibers fade and brittle. The light resistance of pigments is fundamentally related to its chemical layout, so the light resistance of fine pigments should be enriched when making masterbatches. When it is necessary to use pigments with high performance and light resistance, consider adding ultraviolet absorbers.

(5) The pigments used in the stable masterbatch must have excellent stability to the colored polypropylene fiber. It means that when the colored fiber polymer is exposed to heat, light or high temperature, the pigment will not react with the fiber, forming a new chemical group to make the polymer performance low. Therefore, pure pigments should be used in the masterbatch, free of iron, copper, lead and other salt impurities to ensure the excellent physical properties of the colored polypropylene fiber.

(6) Water resistance, dry cleaning resistance, oil resistance, and colored polypropylene fiber products must be washed with water or solvent dry cleaned after they have been used and in the process, and they must be used to oil, especially when they are used in carpets. The colorant should have excellent washing resistance, dry cleaning resistance, and oil resistance.

Tangshan Weiye polypropylene masterbatch has excellent materials, bright and stable color, and is widely used in spunbond, meltblown, SMS and other non-woven fabrics, filaments, staple fibers, BCF, FDY, high-strength yarns, stretch yarns, etc. Each polypropylene masterbatch can provide customers with personalized services according to their different color, monofilament size, temperature resistance, environmental protection and other requirements.

Polypropylene color masterbatch product quality index (for different models, the masterbatch is different)

Appearance: uniform particles, no dust

Water content: ≤0.5%

Heat resistance: up to 300℃

Light fastness: up to level 8 (level 8 is higher)

Weather resistance: ≥4 grade (5 higher)

Environmental protection: all products comply with ROHS standards

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