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[Polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch product application]
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Polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch product application: Polypropylene FDY,BCF carpet silk

Polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch product Features:

High pigment content, bright color

Advanced wet grinding technology is used to produce uniform particles

Uniform dispersion, good compatibility

Products are completely environmentally friendly, no heavy metals can pass REACH,ROHS

Stable quality, lasting color

Less waste, low cost, high added value

Significant advantages of polypropylene carpet silk masterbatch

1, easy to use, can be colorant, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other collection, made into multi-functional masterbatch use.

2, uniform coloring, stable production process, can improve the quality of products.

3, wide adaptability, can adapt to manual and high degree of automation molding production system.

4, green environmental protection, no cross pollution in the same environment.

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