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[The color masterbatch of non-woven fabric has a great impact on the quality of non-woven fabric.]
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The color masterbatch of non-woven fabric has a great impact on the quality of non-woven fabric.

As we all know, non-woven masterbatches have a great impact on the quality of non-woven fabrics, so what are the effects of non-woven masterbatches on non-woven fabrics?

First of all, if the raw material, non-woven masterbatch dispersion is poor, what impact will it have?

1. The pressure of the metering pump rises quickly

2, broken wire, drip phenomenon is serious

3, change the component cycle is short

4, non-woven surface floating silk, stigma silk more and more

5, non-woven booker weight uneven (gram weight CV%)

6, non-woven surface fiber thickness is not uniform (size CV%)

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