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[Future development trend of textile industry!]
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Future development trend of textile industry!

The textile industry is a pillar industry of our national economy and an important livelihood industry. At present, China's fiber processing volume accounts for more than 50% of the world's total, and the scale of the textile industry ranks first in the world. After China's economy enters the new normal of development, the textile industry is also in a critical period of the transformation of the old and new growth model, and the only way to implement the transformation is to rely on scientific and technological innovation to drive development.

The engine transformation of the development power of the textile and garment industry, the production competition mode of the previous production factors is changing into the comprehensive competition of scientific and technological strength, the future textile and garment industry will no longer be labor-intensive industry, but a technology-intensive, idea-intensive industry with obvious high-tech industrial characteristics. Therefore, innovative, efficient, environmentally friendly, digital and intelligent textile machinery is the main development trend of future textile machinery equipment.

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