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[Polypropylene masterbatch product quality index]
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Polypropylene masterbatch product quality index

According to the actual production equipment, there will be different processing temperature requirements, and the addition of coloring masterbatch should be controlled at 0.8% to 5% to ensure the smooth processing of non-woven fabrics.

Appearance: uniform color, no dust; Particle size: Φ(2.7~3.3) mm× (3~3.4) mm Moisture: ≤0.3% (wt.) Heat resistance: ≥240℃ (applied to BCF, melt-blown non-woven fabric models with relatively high heat resistance)

Polypropylene masterbatch packaging storage

Polypropylene masterbatch has excellent material selection, good physical properties, bright and stable color, and is widely used in non-woven fabrics, carpets, filaments, staple fibers, coarse denier and other products coloring. According to customers' different color, monofilament size, filament shape, temperature resistance, light resistance and other performance requirements, to provide customers with personalized services.

The product adopts double packing, the inner layer is waterproof and moisture-proof polyethylene film bag, and the outer layer is paper-plastic composite bag. Standard packing 25kg/bag. Please store in a ventilated, dry place, under the cushion, avoid sun, rain, masterbatch color quality of up to 5 years. The remaining parts should be re-sealed after opening the bag to prevent dust pollution and moisture absorption. Polypropylene masterbatch has a very important role in our life. With the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that the future polypropylene masterbatch will have greater development.

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