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[Application of color masterbatch in polypropylene fiber]
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Application of color masterbatch in polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber is one of the "five major fibers" of synthetic fiber, referred to as polypropylene, polypropylene does not contain any functional group, so far there is no dye can dye it, the pigment made of color masterbatch for melt spinning accounted for more than 95% of polypropylene colored fibers.

According to the different processing conditions of polypropylene fiber can be divided into long fiber, short fiber and non-woven fabric.

Polypropylene fiber spinning problems and solutions:

1. Poor representation: the spinneret is broken

Cause: The pigment particles in the masterbatch are large

Solution: Sheath material production process: strengthen the filter

Color masterbatch: Choose easy to disperse pigments choose a good dispersant

2. Poor representation: the spinneret change period is short

Cause: There are many impurities in the masterbatch

Solution: Masterbatch: enhance filtration

3. Poor characterization: the fiber is faded in the oil

Cause: pigment heat resistance is not good

Solution: Sheath material production process: reduce the spinning temperature

Masterbatch: Select pigments with good heat resistance

4. Poor characterization: the fiber is faded in the oil

Cause: poor solvent resistance of pigment

Solution: Color masterbatch: Choose pigments with good solvent resistance

5. Poor representation: fiber discoloration in daylight

Cause: pigment light resistance is not good

Solution: Color masterbatch: Choose pigment with good light resistance

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