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[Cool Masterbatches product description]
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In the past, the molecular weight of the polypropylene resin used in the past was mainly used for the spinning of polypropylene, and the polypropylene resin used at that time was high in molecular weight and high in viscosity. When the spinning temperature was higher than 300 ℃, it was easy to produce, so that the additives, Has been the production of spinning special high melt index polypropylene resin). The so-called cooling masterbatch, it is to reduce the molecular weight of polypropylene functional masterbatch, generally reduce the polypropylene spinning temperature of 30 ~ 50 ℃, improved the spinning process. The promoters used in the cooling masterbatch are peroxides, commonly used initiator A, i.e., di-t-butyl peroxide (DTBP). It is slightly yellow transparent liquid, the boiling point of 110 ℃, the ignition point of 182 ℃, decomposition temperature: 193 ℃ (half-life 1min): 126 ℃ (half-life 10h). Tangshan Weiye Masterbatches CO., LTD Specializing in the production and sales: Organic pigments, PP BCF masterbatch, Masterbatches,multi-color Masterbatch, mono-color masterbatches,Polypropylene staple masterbatch,Cool Masterbatches,Anti-aging masterbatch,Flame-retardant masterbatches,Anti-aging masterbatches,Non-woven masterbatch,Polypropylene BCF masterbatch.

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